Made in Canada

Supporting small business workers in Canada is what we’re all about. That’s why we’re proud to stock and supply Canadian made baby products. Check out our wide variety of baby and child companies we stock locally made baby clothing and baby shoes, nursery products and more. Check out our great range of Canadian made baby products here at Mountains & Meadows. All the products listed under this "Make in Canada" category are 100% made in Canada, not imported from off-shore manufacturers. 
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Infant Oatmeal

From $10
Natures Essence

Baby Bum Balm

From $15
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Lactation Cookie Chocolate Chip

The Little Bunny Sensory Shop

Clay doh-4oz 1 Charm

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Rainbow Confetti Kids Cookies


Water Friends - Wood Toys

From $9.75

Acrylic Treasure Gems

Só Luxury

Coco Oat Sóak - Big

Reign & Cash

Mama Necklace

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Hot Chocolate Lactation Blend

Sold Out
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Milkin More on-the-go



Price On sale from $18