Toddler Plus Nest- Neutral Rainbow w/h Rust X reverse

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This design is 'Ready to Ship' which technically means it is either fully complete and will ship immediately, or ALMOST complete!  

Approximately a 1-3 week shipping timeline. With COVID delays we unfortunately can not guarantee shipping and/or arrival dates, but we do promise to have your Nest off to you as soon as possible! We are limited staff during this time and appreciate your patience. 



Toddler Plus WilderNest® has a 47" long and 21" wide resting space and is recommended from age two until typically the age of 7-8 or sometimes longer depending on the child.


It is also strongly advised to NEVER LEAVE INFANTS UNSUPERVISED in the Nest. For more information please visit our Safety and Nest Care page and please read all of the recommended guidelines carefully before using a WilderNest. All WilderNests are made with 100% Organic Cotton fabric.