Registry Benefit

Take advantage of your completion discount anytime after your $300 purchase milestone or 120 days after your event date.

  1. Completion Discount 10% Requirement
    • Have a minimum of 3 items in your Moutains & Meadows registry cart
    • Have a minimum of $300 purchased items
  2. Additional Perks: Receive 10% store credit from your registry’s purchase milestones
    • $50 store credit if you reach a $500 purchase milestone
    • $100 store credit if you reach $1000 purchase milestone
    • $150 store credit if you reach $1500 and over purchase milestone
  3. Returns & Exchanges: We understand duplicate gifts may happen. Return your duplicate gift and receive store credit for future purchases or exchange you duplicate gift for another that same day. Returns and Exchanges are accepted within 90 days of the original purchase date.
  4. Free Shipping: Receive FREE shipping on orders over $100! *Excluding remote areas and certain products of large size


Q:When to start a baby registry?

A: Start your baby registry as soon you possible. This gives you enough time to plan for items that will take a bit longer with shipping and specially customized items such as furniture and strollers.

Q:How much is Mountain & Meadow’s completion discount?

A: The completion discount is 10% off any one-time purchase on items remaining in your registry.

Q: When will I receive my completion discount?

A: Let us know by email when you are ready to use your completion discount. This is applicable any time after your registry has reached $300 and more in purchased items and more than 3 items added. This can be used any time before your registry expires which is 120 after your event date.

Q: What items should I put on the registry?

A: Put all items you need on your registry. Anything that you would like to be gifted to you can be added.

Q: How do I share my baby registry?

A: When you have created your registry, your portal will direct you to the dashboard button where you get the option to share your registry. Click on it. This will bring you to a pop up which gives you the option to send through social media, email or with the URL link.

Q: Can I look up a registry in store?

A: Yes, you can. Simply ask our shop clerks to assist you.

Q: Can I scan items in the store to add to my registry?

A: Yes you can. Download the my registry app on your mobile device and login to your account. Click add items to cart and scan whilst in store.

Q: Can my gifts be shipped directly to me?

A: Gifts can be shipped directly to you or to the gift giver for them to give you personally. This depends on the shipping options they choose at checkout.

Q: How will I know when an item is purchased?

A: When an item is purchased from your cart you will see it marked as purchased on your registry dashboard.

Q: How do I start a registry and am not ready to share it?

A: You have the option of making your registry public or private. Private means only you can search for your registry, it will not be visible to anyone. When you are all set up you change it to public and enjoy the gift giving experience.

Q: How do I personalize my registry?

A: On the dashboard you will see an option to personalize your registry by adding a thank you note, video or photo to engage your family and friends.