World Map puzzle

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There is a big world ahead. Let our little ones explore it with our Colorful Map!


We use a scaled-down version of all continents and oceans which enables the child to get to know more about our planet.
A child can take the details in his hands and touch parts of Earth. And parents can teach their baby where he was born and lives. Together you can explore how big is our world, and how many exciting things are there
With our puzzle, you can travel around the world without leaving your home

There are 7 continents on the board: Europe, Asia, Africa, etc. It is important to teach little babies to call the continents because it is our Home. Knowledge which World map can give to the child can help in the future because it is an important part of our environment.

☆ Montessori toy. They are simple, made of natural materials, and functional. These are the best toys for our little ones’ development that allow them to explore and involve their own will, decisions, and ideas.
☆ We painted the continents with different colors, so you can help your child learn them.
☆ All details replicate the continent's natural form, so kids can fit them in their place on the board.
☆ High quality. We use only first-class safe materials such as wood and non-toxic ink so your child is perfectly safe with this puzzle. Materials are only eco-friendly and safe for humans (water-based ink, wood).


-50х35х1,3 cm
-19,7х13,3х0,5 in
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