Wooden Sling shot set for kids

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Playing with a slingshot is not only fun but also helps to develop hand-eye coordination as your kiddies pretend they are expert marksmen like they read about in storybooks

The slingshot is made of wood, which makes it an eco-friendly toy, the hand of the item has leather wrapping which is quite helpful for the child. Absolutely easy to use, no additional inventory required. You can order additionally the set from 5 to 30 balls for shooting, they were made from safe material that will not cause physical harm to children and goes with a bag where you can save it.


The toy is safe. We use water-based paint, smooth wooden materials to give you assurance. But of course, we ask you to be attentive while your child is playing.
☆ High quality. We use only first-class safe materials such as wood and non-toxic ink so your child is perfectly safe with this puzzle. Materials are only eco-friendly and safe for humans (water-based ink, wood).