Senger Naturwelt Small Grey Cuddly Goose

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Senger Naturwelt Small Grey Goose with Comfort Pillow. 

Hello! My belly is has a removable pillow that is filled with cherry pits. You can remove this pillow, warm it up in the oven or put it to the freezer to cool or warm special parts of your body. My Head and feet are filled with pure lambswool and my skin is made from soft organic cotton.

Every Senger cuddly toy has the unique effect of providing relief to children of all ages through warmth or cooling. The closeness of a sweet companion also contributes to feeling sheltered and cared for. Whether it's a stomach ache, a cold or a headache - everything is better together with a cuddly friend.

Includes 1 small goose.


organic cotton, lambswool, cherry pits, zipper


47 x 37 x 11cm


Lovingly handcrafted, sensitive to the quality of workmanship, a high standard for the quality of used materials and an awareness of sustainable work have been deeply embedded in Senger Naturwelt's principles. 

Made in Germany