Learning Wooden Clock

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Such a wonderful Baby Shower Gift and Christmas Present. Wooden Toys in Rainbow colors helps parents to develop motor skills of their child and spend time interesting.

We know how important is for you to give your child the best.
We made our toy clocks have a little bit more than simple clocks. Of course, we added hours and seconds. But also we added colorful sections, peace of puzzles. It makes these clocks be multifunctional and are helping learn different things. One toy gives your child different ways to play.

We painted sections with colors, so you can help your child learn them.
- Fine motor skills. Sections are made in puzzle form, so all must be in their place.
- Logically thinking. All numbers go in order, so the child will learn to make all correct.
- Memory. Every developing toy helps kids to train memory. And every toy is making it in different ways.
-Hours, seconds. You can show with an hour and second hands the time and help your child learn it.

The toy is safe. We use water-based paint, smooth wooden materials to give you assurance. But of course, we ask you to be attentive while your child is playing.


Each clock is 25x25 cm