HEVEA soother

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The iconic HEVEA Pacifier is pure natural rubber pacifiers gives you the peace and comfort, which can make you sleep at night (if your baby gives you the quietness needed) and not put any unnecessary pressure on our planet. Our pacifiers are completely plastic-free and made without phtalates or heavy metals.

Which pacifier should I choose?
The short answer to that question is: only your child can tell.
But we do have recommendations, which can help both you and not least your baby, to make the right choice.

HEVEA pacifiers come in 3 different teat shapes; orthodontic, round and symmetrical and two sizes; 0-3 months and 3-36 months

Read on below to figure out which one is most likely the best choice for your baby.

Symmetrical pacifier : The Duck pacifier comes with a symmetrical teat/nipple.
The nipple is similar to the shape of the female breast and is therefore recommended to breastfed babies. The Duck pacifier is our smallest nipple, so if your child has found other pacifiers too big, we recommend giving this a try.

Orthodontic pacifier The Star & Moon pacifier comes with the orthodontic nipple/teat. Orthodontic pacifiers are designed to prevent tooth misalignment and orthodontic issues later in life, as baby teeth come in and eventually give way to adult teeth. The Star & Moon pacifier has a flattened bottom and rounded top.

Round pacifier: The Crown pacifier comes with the round or cherry shaped nipple/teat. The round shape is similar to the shape of both the HEVEA Baby glass bottle and most other bottle nipples. If the child is used to drink from a bottle, there is a fairly big chance, they will love the Crown pacifier with a round teat.