Growth Scrolls

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Canvas Growth Scroll with Jute String Hanger

Permanent Fine-Tip Marker

 Three Little Pines

The Details:

Our Growth Scrolls are made up of sleek canvas material that is easy to clean, water resistant and smudge free! Our Scrolls are designed to be durable and cannot be torn or ripped like other paper-like canvas material. 

Our Scrolls start at 5 inches so will not be an eye sore by dragging the floor! 

Our design and colors are truly unique to our brand.


Care and Hanging Instructions:

 To hang your Growth Scroll, measure 1 foot from the floor and align with the 1 foot marker on your scroll (there should be about a 5 inch gap from the floor to the bottom wood piece on your Scroll.

For best preserved measurements, please use the marker that is provided or a fine tip permanent marker. 

Pencils are NOT recommended. 

To clean, simply wipe with a damp cloth. soap may be used if necessary but should not be used regularly. Do NOT scrub with harsh chemicals or bristled brushes!