Circle wooden Stacker

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Montessori Toy Wooden Pyramid. Ring Stacker will be a good gift for your baby.
This wooden stacking toy is made from natural wood.

This small creature amazes children of all ages.

The wooden pyramid will acquaint your baby with such concepts as shape and color, teach how to distribute objects according to certain criteria, help in the development of coordination and logical thinking.
It also helps to develop motor skills. The toy is a good combination of entertainment and the Montessori educational method.

The fascinating process of folding the rings perfectly relaxes the baby. It helps relieve stress, and get rid of negative emotions. The game, recommended for children over 12 months old, perfectly develops logic and sensation. It makes the child more diligent, attentive, and resourceful. Carefully polished surfaces of all parts, thoughtful filling - everything in this pyramid will delight caring parents.

A feature of our pyramid is the ability to personalize it with the name of the child. Just write the Name at the personalization box, and you will receive an amazing gift.

☆ Made in soft colors, elements are large, rounded.
☆ Thanks to the rounded stand, the pyramid can swing from side to side.
☆ High-quality wood and safe dyes are used to make the toy.
☆ All edges and details are carefully sanded.
☆ The pyramid will help to develop intelligence, logic, fine motor skills.
☆ The Wooden Pyramid won’t sting the arm or bite the finger, as its alive counterpart.