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Cutie PAT Smile - Dune

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Orthodontic Pro Pacifier + Teether: designed with an ergonomic shape to promote natural oral development for babies 0M+.

Invented and patented by a Board Certified Pediatric Dentist, the Cutie PAT Smile is designed to 
help protect against orthodontic issues such as open bite, crossbite, and increased over jet. 

The pacifier shield includes a notched shield to ensure it is used correctly, and to fit comfortably against your baby’s face.  


Before first use, sterilize the pacifier in boiling water for 3 minutes and let air dry. Before each use, wash with warm water and mild soap. Dishwasher safe (top rack only).  


At Ryan & Rose our #1 priority is safety. All Cutie PATs products are rigorously tested and  FDA approved and CPSC compliant. Before each use, perform a pull test inspection on the nipple; check for cracks, tears, and/or excessive wear. If damaged, discard immediately. For safety and hygiene, discard the product after four weeks of continued use.

Made with 100% medical-grade silicone. BPA and Latex free. Designed in the USA, made in China.


Q: How does the Cutie PAT Smile promote natural oral development?

Ergonomics is key. The Cutie PAT Smile is preformed to the shape that other pacifiers must conform to in the child’s mouth. The preformed shape allows a more passive shape and not one that wants to rebound back to its original form. This promotes the most natural shape of a child’s developing palate and bite helping to reduce the three most common orthodontic malocclusions: anterior open bite, posterior crossbite, and increased overjet.

Q: Is the Cutie PAT Smile an orthodontic pacifier? 

Yes! The Cutie PAT Smile is an Orthodontic Pro pacifier. This signifies that the pacifier was designed by a professional in the care of pediatric patients with the sole intent of attempting to reduce negative orthodontic effects in your child’s mouth.

Q: What is special about the Cutie PAT Smile’s patented neck?

The three most common orthodontic issues related to pacifier use are: anterior open bite, posterior lateral restriction (ultimately producing posterior crossbite), and increased over jet. 

The wider the mouth is opened during prolonged pacifier use, the more the posterior teeth will super erupt and the more potential for anterior open bite.

The patented shape is designed to allow the most “closed” position that a child can have with a pacifier. This alone will help to significantly reduce the potential of anterior open bite and subsequent tongue thrust.

Anterior open bite is when a bite where the posterior teeth are touching, and the anterior upper and lower teeth are not overlapping or have space between them

Q: What is special about the Cutie PAT Smile’s nipple?

The Cutie PAT’s wide nipple was designed to help prevent posterior restriction leading ultimately to posterior crossbite.

When a child is actively sucking on the pacifier, the Masseter Muscles are constricting. The constricting Masseter Muscles are overlying the upper arch but not the lower. In turn, the upper arch is often inhibited from growing laterally as quickly as the lower arch thus making the circumference of the upper arch smaller and most often a narrower v-shaped arch than the lower.

The frequency and the force of the pacifier sucking plays the largest role in this malocclusion, however, by offering a wide nipple, like the Cutie PAT Smile, that presses outwardly on the upper arch, thoughtfully reduces the potential for this issue.

Posterior crossbite is a malalignment of the teeth and occlusion in such a way the upper posterior teeth are not hitting the lower posterior teeth in their natural occlusion. The upper arch is smaller in circumference than the lower arch..naturally it should be the opposite.

Q: Is the Cutie PAT Smile the only pacifier my baby should need?

The Cutie PAT Smile was designed to be the only pacifier that your baby should need; from 0M+. However, all babies are different! You may find that your baby prefers a different nipple shape. We do recommend periodic introduction of the Cutie PAT Smile to transition your baby in the future.  

Q: Is the Cutie PAT Smile good for breastfed babies?

The Cutie PAT Smile aims to help retain the child’s natural oral hard tissue shape, which is ideal for both breastfed and non-breastfed babies. 

Read more about Dr. Trey, the Board Certified Pediatric Dentist who invented and patented the revolutionary pacifier nipple style!

U.S. Patent No. D887,566

*Ryan & Rose does not guarantee that the Cutie PAT Smile will prevent all orthodontic issues. We know that all babies are different. Please consult with your dentist if you have any questions and/or concerns.